Limited Paper: Over 40 Behind-the-Scenes Images from Mondo’s Comic-Con Booth

     July 17, 2012


While the infamously awesome San Diego Comic-Con may be over for another year, Limited Paper’s coverage from last week’s “gathering of the geeks” is far from over:  for the next week or so, we’re going to be bringing you a ton of post-Con coverage, including interviews with Olly MossJason Edmiston, and rising screenprint superstar Mark Englert, video footage from the frontlines of Mondo’s biggest Comic-Con poster-drop (that’d be Moss’ The Dark Knight Rises) and much, much more.  But before we get into all that, we wanted to share something a little different:  a ton of photos, taken in and around “Club 437” (the wink-wink name a few of us gave to booth #437—the booth Mondo called home during the Con) by the latest addition to the Limited Paper team, Billy Garrett.

Want to see what you missed if you weren’t at SDCC last week?  Meet me after the jump.

Mondo-Comic-Con-Olly-Moss-Dark-Knight-Rises-VariantThis year, Limited Paper traveled to Comic-Con for the first time ever, and—lemme tell ya—it was a beating.  Virtually everything you’ve heard about the SDCC is true:  the super-sized exhibitor’s floor;  the elaborate showcases being held everywhere you look by vendors, TV networks, film studios, and comic book companies;  the “booth babes” and the lifelong-fetish-inducing costumes worn by some of the Con’s geekier females;  the middle-school-cafeteria-level cuisine washed down with $5 bottles of water; and—last but not least—the smells are all a permanent fixture at the San Diego Convention Center, and though the experience was often enormously stressful…we’re extremely happy that we had cause to take part this year.

I left the Con with a countless number of personal highlights (seeing both Dolph Lundgren and a pug riding a motorcycle within the space of three minutes is chief among them), far too many to list here.  I suppose I could rattle them off to our loyal Limited Paper readership, but what would be the point?  It feels a bit too much like “rubbing it in”, as I’m well aware that many of you were unable to attend Comic-Con this year and feel endlessly left out by the proceedings.

Good news is, I thought ahead on that front.  We knew damn well that not all of you could be there, so Limited Paper enlisted the help of the notoriously awesome poster-photographer, Billy Garrett, to snag photos of the Mondo booth during Comic-Con 2012.  Billy is Limited Paper’s very own Peter Parker;  if you were in attendance at SDCC this year there’s a good chance you saw him floating around the Mondo booth, snapping pictures, talking with the Mondo guys, and generally just trying to stay out of everyone’s way.

Billy turned in his Comic-Con photos to us just a little while ago, and while we’d originally planned to use the majority of them to accompany our Comic-Con coverage, the end results were so spectacular that we’ve decided to just go ahead and dump a ton of them into our first-ever Limited Paper Photo Gallery.  You can check them out below, and we’re sure you’ll agree that he captured some truly awesome moments for us this year.  Tip o’ the hat to you, sir.

You’ll see more of Billy’s excellent photos in the “Limited Paper @ Comic-Con” interviews we’ll be running all this week.  But for now, check out some of the best photos in the gallery below, and be sure to drop us a line at if you have any questions, concerns, commentary, or hot tips that you’d like to share with us now that we’re back at homebase.  Lots of cool stuff in the week ahead, so stay tuned!

Finally, if you missed any of our Mondo Comic-Con coverage, click here.


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