SDCC 2010: MYTHBUSTERS Cast Interview

     July 26, 2010


I think it’s safe to say that Press Room 1B of the San Diego Convention Center housed five of the smartest, most intriguing, humble, and engaging individuals in the entertainment business. I’m not referring to the cast of some ambitious ensemble superhero movie, but Mythbusters‘ Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. I rubbed elbows with a few celebrities throughout SDCC 2010, though I was genuinely starstruck in the presence of the MythBusters. Their interview was by far my favorite of the event. Hit the jump to brush up.

I showed up early to the MythBusters roundtable in hopes of snagging a prime seat. Press wasn’t allowed in until 8:30, which afforded me ample time to scope out hot nerdy chicks and get some writing banged out. The interview began with photos of the cast followed by a press conference-style interview by the mob of reporters I was lumped in with. It was an honor and fun to listen to Savage, Hyneman, and crew shoot the breeze. Highlights from the interview:

mythbusters_image-Myth research can take anywhere from two weeks to up to two or three years.

-The poppy seed drug testing episode (the myth being that poppy seeds can make you test positive for opiates) required them to eat food containing poppy, which actually did cause them to test positive for heroin.

– Final decisions on what myths will be tested are a complete collaborative process amongst the MythBusters posse.

– Savage asserted that every three or four hours of footage equals out to one episode after editing.

– Myths the team want to test are very rarely rejected due to danger or expense issues.

– The Civil War rocket experiment worked so well it burnt their work space to hell and got them in hot water with local rescue authorities.

– I asked the squad what to expect in the upcoming season, but they were hush hush on it. Adam Savage said they had been on hiatus for about a month and they’re set to begin film the new season as soon as they wrap Comic-Con.

When asked if the MythBusters kick it when not filming, Savage said they don’t socialize much out of the show, but they have known each other for a long time. In fact, they knew each other long before the show and worked together on multiple films. Imahara chimed in and stated that the show wasn’t the equivalent of a boy band. (Meaning the Discovery Channel didn’t just handpick random talent, they were selected based on intelligence, skill, and the chemistry they shared.)

While they may not be out boozing it up together, it’s obvious the MythBusters have much admiration and respect for each other. Their causal and energetic chemistry on the show is evident, but in person it was captivating and electric.  I could use the scientific method to further break down how cool these cats are, but I think you should just watch MythBusters instead. Check your local cable or satellite listings and tune in every week.

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