Natalie Portman & Kat Dennings THOR Interview

     July 25, 2010


Following the huge Hall H Marvel panel at Comic-Con, the cast of Thor took some time to do roundtables with the press, to share some details about their roles in the highly anticipated film.

Co-stars Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings talked about bringing the female power to Thor. Portman also dispelled rumors that she’d been offered the role in the American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and gave an update about the status of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

kat_dennings__3_Question: So, were you both big Thor afficionados before this?

Kat: I had read my brother’s comics.

Natalie: I knew nothing, but quickly got up to speed.

What have these roles demanded from you guys, physically?

Kat: I pretty much just had to sit there and eat chips and be cool.

Natalie: I had some running, but mainly the serious action is left to Thor and the Warriors Three.

In a lot of movies like this, the girl is there and she’s just a love interest who’s surrounded by men. Was it nice to have each other there to bring some female energy?

Natalie: Absolutely. It was great to be able to highlight a female friendship and female comradery and shared scientific passion among women. And then, there’s also this great character that Jaimie Alexander plays, called Sif, and we got to work with her, too.

Kat: She kicks some ass.

Natalie: She’s super-tough.

Kat: She’s really inspiring.

Natalie: So, we had a good female power on the film.

Natalie, it seems like your character is really driven by something that comes from finding Thor. What is your character after in this film, and what does meeting Thor does for her?

Natalie: My character is working on this theory of connecting dimensions. There was an Einstein theory, a long time ago, where you could connect dimensions through the warping of time and space. Thor obviously comes from another dimension, so he is this missing piece to her scientific inquiry. Everyone thinks she’s on the fringe of science and that she’s this kook, so this is her opportunity to prove herself.

Kat, what was it like to go from Defendor, which takes apart the superhero movie, to making a real superhero movie with Thor?

Kat: They’re polar opposites, in pretty much every way. One is firmly on earth, based in crazy reality, and the other is an amazing fantasy, half in reality. Defendor was made for like $2 and was really, really elbow greasy. It was hard and emotional because I was a drug addicted prostitute. And then, Thor was this huge, massive, fun, dream-come-true experience. I liked it a lot. There’s a time and a place for both of those things.

natalie_portman_image__1_Natalie, when will you direct again?

Natalie: I directed two shorts, a couple years ago, and I hope to be doing more. It was a really great experience.

Do you have any plans to do a full-length feature?

Natalie: Not right now.

Natalie, is there any truth to the rumor that you were offered the role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Natalie: Nope.

Would you want to do it, if it was offered to you?

Natalie: I really like the books, but I’ve not been approached at all. Any of that is pure rumor.

Is there any update on the status of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

Natalie: Yeah, we just got a new script from David O. Russell, and we’re hoping to make it this coming year, which is really exciting.

What can you say about your work in Black Swan?

Natalie: The character’s name is Nina, and she’s someone who’s trying to find her own artistic voice, and she has to lose everything to gain that vision and that sense of self. It’s very hard to describe. You just have to see it.

Have you ever struggled with that, as an actress?

Natalie: Of course. All of us do.


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