Data Suggests SUCKER PUNCH and SCOTT PILGRIM Got the Biggest Online Boost After Comic-Con

     July 29, 2010


Given the countless dollars that studios spend at Comic-Con, not to mention the endless webspace we devoted over the weekend, you’d expect a major promotional boost for all the properties involved, right?  Maybe not.

Heat Vision has posted some data that attempted to measure the online activity both prior to and following an appearance at Comic-Con.  According to the research, the Sucker Punch panel caused an internet explosion (+2,884%!), while Scott Pilgrim vs. the World also benefited (+20.1%).  On the other hand, the online presence of films like TRON: Legacy (-12.2%), Captain America: The First Avenger (-12.9%), and Green Lantern (-20.6%) seemed to lessen.  The full table is worth a look after the jump.

It’s definitely not a perfect study.  The sample appears to be drawn from “iPhone Searches,” which certainly isn’t a perfect representation of online activity.  And with the timing of the study, the films may have gotten a boost early as geeks researched before the Con July 19-20, peaked over the weekend, then died down when the relevant audience was exhausted on July 26-27.

The relative position of each of the films is interesting though.  I absolutely believe that Sucker Punch essentially won Comic-Con, even if I don’t really believe that Green Lantern would have been better off staying at home.

(Update: As commenter Corin pointed out, the trailer for Sucker Punch was released on July 26th.  So take these numbers with an even larger grain of salt.)


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