Comic-Con: TEEN WOLF Panel Recap: New Trailer, Cast and Creator Discuss Characters, Drop Hints, and More

     July 19, 2013

teen wolf comic con

MTV’s Teen Wolf has been pulling no punches lately, growing more intense and more complex with every episode.  Now halfway through the first part of its super-sized third season, cast and creator took to the stage at Comic-Con to exuberant cheers, screams, and shouted declarations of love.

Creator and executive producer Jeff Davis joined the eight Teen Wolf stars in attendance, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver, and Charlie Carver.  The panel included a trailer for upcoming episodes, a release date and some plot hints for the second part of season three, a surprise guest star, what the cast would call spin-off shows starring their characters, favorite comedic scenes, and much more.  Beware of spoilers within.  Hit the jump for all the details.

  • tyler-posey-teen-wolfThe audience was shown a trailer for the remainder of the first part of season three, including a few shockers (Lydia kisses Stiles), crowd-pleasers (Stiles with a baseball bat), and gasps of horror (Scott’s mom tied up and in some serious danger).
  • It was announced that part two of season three will start January 6th, and will feature heavy influences from Japanese folklore, including kitsune, a shapeshifting fox trickster figure.  There will be a young Asian-American girl named Kira they’re working on casting now.  Danny will also becoming much more involved in the supernatural side of things.
  • Coming into season three, Davis wanted to premiere in a big way, introducing new characters like the alpha pack while bringing back the beloved characters from past seasons.  It’s been nice to see ratings go up, as clearly evidence by the much larger room they’re in this year.
  • We will finally find out what the deal is with Lydia very soon in episode 9.  It has something to do with the episode’s title, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” (an homage to Hitchcock).
  • Davis thinks the new concept of a “true alpha” (a beta werewolf rising to alpha status based purely on the merit of their character, as opposed to killing an alpha to steal said status) is especially important in a show for a younger audience.  He acknowledged that Scott’s role as a deeply moral hero is a difficult one to play, harder than playing a villain.
  • Davis found out about Posey’s double-banded tattoo on his arm while on vacation in Greece, and his initial response was dismay (and maybe a little bit of horror) at Posey getting yet another tattoo.
  • Posey took classes with the Carver twins to get their motorcycle licenses for the show, and Posey loved it so much he went and got his own motorcycle.
  • O’Brien’s emotional performance in the final scene of “Motel California” was very tied into his real life friendship with Posey.  For him in that scene, it was “almost like the characters came second.”
  • tyler-posey-crystal-reed-teen-wolfThe virgin sacrifices are no longer a threat, and the question of Stiles’ virginity will be answered in an upcoming episode. Later on, when asked about if he would want Stiles to have any supernatural powers, O’Brien said he’s “always been adamant about Stiles staying human and being the human part of the show — but the sex! The sex needs to happen!” Posey volunteered, as did a significant portion of the audience.
  • When Eaddy Mays (Victoria Argent) returned briefly this season, Reed was able to chat about Allison’s relationship with her parents and which aspects of her character she gets from each of them.
  • Hoechlin has enjoyed finding out more about Derek’s past as well as exploring Derek’s vulnerable side this season.  He’s grateful for Jeff giving them something new to play with every season and not letting the characters get stuck in a rut.
  • Sharman loves working with Posey more, now that Isaac has moved in with Scott.  He joked that it’s great being in a loving family for once and that it beats living with Derek and gestured towards Hoechlin, who retorted that Isaac made a “messy, very sloppy” roommate.
  • Davis originally slipped the Danny/Ethan relationship by the network, using the word “her” in the script at one point instead of “him”, but even after the airing of Motel California, he’s never received any negative feedback from the network.
  • The morality of the people the twins are dating will start affecting them and causing changes in their own moral codes.
  • Charlie Carver thinks it’s great that Davis has created a show where everyone very much exists in the same world, regardless of labels, so no one is called out for something like a gay relationship.  He called Danny and Ethan a “traditional pairing, just two people who care about each other.”
  • Max Carver said it’s amazing to work with his brother every day, like having a “constant ally”.  The twins have moved in together for the first time since they were kids.
  • teen-wolf-tyler-hoechlinDavis just finished editing the tenth episode of this season, which he calls the “Die Hard in a hospital” episode.  He’s excited for fans to see relationships “get complicated and end tragically.”
  • The highlight of the audience questions was the very first one, when a man in an elaborate masked costume was told to remove his mask…revealing Keahu Kahuanui (Danny on the show) to screams of delight from both audience and cast.  He asked if we’re going to see a return of Miguel (the alternate persona for Derek that Stiles made up in season one).  Davis said he could see it happening, but O’Brien responded, “there was no Miguel! I fooled you!”, then going on to interrupt his own joke by exclaiming, “what are you wearing, bro?”
  • According to Davis, Stiles’ love for his dad and for Scott echoes the love O’Brien has for the crew of Teen Wolf.  He comes from a family in the film industry — his dad is a camera operator — and he cares deeply for the crew.
  • In response to a question about if any of them would like to become a werewolf, Davis said that judging by Posey’s facial hair, he’s already trying.  Posey then begged the camera to zoom in on his mustache, which it did.


Favorite comedic scenes:

  • Posey’s favorite was in season one, when Allison tasers Scott.  Reed enjoyed that one as well, adding that it was a real taser gun so she was nervous about actually using it.
  • Davis loved the pool scenes with Stiles and Derek in season two, but his favorite is the Miguel scene.
  • Hoechlin had the most fun in the scene in Stiles’ jeep outside of the hospital in the first season when he slams Stiles’ head into the steering wheel.  However, the one time O’Brien got him to really lose it was when they were paralyzed in the sheriff’s office.  O’Brien made a strange noise, Hoechlin could imagine the face he was making, and that was enough to make him lose it.
  • O’Brien really enjoyed the scene with Isaac and Scott waking up after trying to keep guard over Melissa.


teen-wolf-cast-imagefan asked what the cast would say if they could talk to their own characters:

  • Posey: “I would tell Scott to not be so sad and be okay.”
  • Roden: “Put a pair of flats on, you don’t need to be 5’7”, 5’3” is just fine.”
  • Sharman: “I would tell Isaac to stop getting into small spaces.”
  • Hoechlin: “I would tell Derek invest in some kind of UFC training, because he loses every fight, hasn’t won one yet.”
  • Charlie Carver: “I would tell Max to stop putting himself inside of me.”
  • Max Carver: “Calm down, take it easy, be at peace.”


Another fan asked if their character could have their own spinoff show, what would it be called and who would they take with them?

  • Posey: “There should be a show called Scott and Stiles.”
  • Charlie: “I would want to do a full-time talk show with Holland and my brother.”
  • Hoechlin: “House of Hale.” He would take along Peter, “maybe” Stiles, and, reluctantly, Isaac: “he’s part of the pack but talked very badly about me as a roommate.”
  • Reed: “Ally A Saves the Day, with Scott and Lydia.”
  • Max: “A show with Isaac, Scarves of our Fathers.”

It looks like things are only going to get more intense in Beacon Hills from here on in; don’t miss a moment of it.   Teen Wolf airs Monday nights on MTV.

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