Watch: ‘Community’ Cast Virtual Reunion Is Full of Great Donald Glover Moments

     May 10, 2020


It looks like the Community cast reunion fun continued in a special episode of Joel McHale and Ken Jeong‘s podcast, The Darkest Timeline. As revealed through social media, the Community cast continued their virtual reunion after they finished taping their Variety virtual table read set to air on May 18.

McHale shared news of the special Darkest Timeline video reunion on his Instagram on Saturday, May 9, and revealed the video of said reunion was available to watch ahead of the May 18 table read. The Community alum’s Instagram post featured a screenshot of the participating cast alums, including Donald GloverGillian JacobsAlison BrieDanny PudiYvette Nicole Brown, and Jim Rash, plus the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, hanging out over Zoom.

Fans of Community will be glad to know the complete video of the Community reunion of The Darkest Timeline is approximately one hour long and chock-full of great moments. What comes through almost immediately is just how excited all of the participating Community cast members are to be in one another’s company. The freewheeling conversation touches on the team’s time spent making the show, what they remember specifically about filming the episode the did a table read of for the upcoming Variety special, and much more.

Among the many, many highlights are the ones featuring Glover. Early on in the episode, the Community cast recalled Glover’s fairly NSFW comedy bits that went on while they were filming the show, with McHale and Pudi throwing out some of their favorite ones. The reunion video is also very much worth watching if only so you can see how Glover reacts when he learns he’s not part of the Community group chat (it’s charming!). It’s also clear that Glover, who has gone on to have one of the most high-profile careers of the cast post-Community, still has a great affection for his cast mates and appreciation for his time on the show. At around the nine-minute mark, Glover shares, “It’s interesting to go back and see this show as something that my kids can watch, I can watch, and be like, ‘This is a capsule of a very honest time. I don’t know of any shows […] that felt like that.”

You can watch the complete Community reunion on The Darkest Timeline podcast below. For more, check out our ranking of the 20 best Community episodes ever and producer Joe Russo’s recent comments on the possibility of more Community in the future.