COMMUNITY Flash Mob Occupies NBC’s Rockefeller Center

     December 22, 2011


As NBC is currently playing the Grinch who stole our Christmas by removing Community from their early 2012 lineup, fans are clearly upset by the fact that this may become another Arrested Development-type fiasco. “Save Community” groups popped up on Tumblr and Twitter. And then the cast of Community/students of Greendale posted this commercial asking us to be patient while the school shut down for a while “due to a tenacious grease fire.” Then, in arguably the most useful protest of the Occupy movement so far, a group of nefariously bearded Community fans from the dark timeline decided to flash mob NBC and express their disgruntlement. Did they erect tents and harass pedestrians and enact a bartering system based solely off of beads? Not exactly. Hit the jump to witness the protest.

TVGuide managed to capture the flash mob in all their glory as they circled up in front of Rockefeller Center to give their best and loudest rendition of “Oh Christmas Troy.” Catherine Boyd, the flash mob organizer and Community enthusiast put it this way:

“This is not a complaint. This is just like, let’s bring all of our energy and all of our love [together]. I’m not a comedic actor. I’m not a trained person of any kind, so I tried to come up with something with zero rehearsal and zero skill set.”

There are so many easy jokes there, but as a Community fan myself, I appreciate that their hearts were in the right place. Check out the video below:

And here’s a bonus video explaining both the humor of Community and the darkest timeline:

Community will return to NBC next year to fulfill their 22-episode season. In the meantime, you can find all of the episodes at Hulu Plus. Six seasons and a movie!