NBC Renews COMMUNITY for 13-Episode Fourth Season

     May 10, 2012


That “six seasons and a movie” mantra that I’ve been chanting for the past week must have counted for something (you’re welcome, Internet).  It’s just been reported that NBC has renewed the brilliantly funny comedy Community for a fourth season.  We reported earlier today on the network’s renewals for Parenthood, The Office, and a final season of 30 Rock, but the lack of news about Community was troubling.  Fans can now breathe much easier with the promise that everyone’s favorite study group will be back on our TV screens this fall.  Following an abrupt, network-imposed hiatus, the series returned to strong ratings and has been drawing significant audiences week after week.  Hit the jump for more.

community-danny-pudi-donald-gloverThe strong ratings were a good sign, and the prospect of a syndication-qualifying fourth season was working in the show’s favor, but the series was far from a shoo-in for a renewal.  Now it appears that NBC has given a 13-episode order for another season, which is cool cool cool news indeed.  Though some may lament the small number of episodes, I’m actually heavily in favor of 13-episode seasons as opposed to 23 or 24 episodes a year.  Creating that many shows is taxing on the writers, actors, and crew and can lead to come lags in quality.  I’ll take 13 great episodes in favor of a mixed bag of 24 any day.

We still haven’t heard anything about the other smart NBC comedy on the bubble, Parks and Recreation, but with all the pick-ups and renewals announced today hopefully we’ll hear word soon.  Rumors swirled that the network might be ordering 13-episode final seasons of 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Rec, but Deadline’s report makes no mention of the fourth season of Community being the show’s last.  Hopefully the ratings are steady next year, and the show can run for three more 13-episode seasons, leading up to a highly anticipated Community feature film.  If you missed my interview with star Danny Pudi, in which he talks about what to expect for the end of this season, click here.