COMMUNITY: Six Seasons and a Season 7? Yahoo Eyeing More Episodes

     June 2, 2015


However it ends, the legacy of Community will be that of a sitcom that simply refused to die. The series weathered low ratings, significant behind-the-scenes changes, the return of its ousted showrunner, and even a move to an online-only distribution network. Now it appears that there could be life beyond Community Season 6 yet, but it may not fulfill the show’s “Six Seasons and a Movie” prophecy.

Per Deadline, Yahoo! is in the midst of conversations with Community producer Sony Pictures TV for more episodes of the series, which means Season 7 is a possibility. The show moved to Yahoo! Screen for its sixth season where episodes aired weekly on the streaming service, but most expected that this would serve as its small screen farewell before some kind of feature film effort, God willing.


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For his part, showrunner Dan Harmon sure sounded like this week’s final episode was the series finale, as he took to Twitter to announce that he’d be taking a break and would not be conducting interviews. But this evening, after Deadline’s story broke, actor Danny Pudi used Instagram to hint that we haven’t seen the last of the Greendale students yet. And last night on Conan, star Joel McHale said they’d do a movie if Harmon wrote the script, but also noted that Yahoo! would likely back either a movie or another season, both of which he’d be game to return for (full video at bottom of this story).

I’ve not seen any of Season 6, but the consensus seems to be that the season’s final episode felt very much like a series finale, with the various characters set on endgame paths. It’s unclear if Harmon would even want to return for Season 7, and right now these are only preliminary conversations so there’s no guarantee it’ll happen, but I’ve learned over the years to never assume anything when it comes to Community.

For those of you that have been keeping up, would you rather see Community go out with a feature film of some kind, or does a full season’s worth of episodes seem more fitting? Sound off in the comments below.

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