Watch a Clip from Tonight’s Season Finale of COMMUNITY

     May 12, 2011


If you can’t wait a few more hours to see the exciting conclusion to the second season of NBC’s fantastic comedy series Community, then you are in luck. To whet your appetite we have a clip from the end of the two-part A Fistful of Paintballs season finale and this time Jeff (Joel McHale) and Troy (Donald Glover) are arguing about their master plan to survive. Tonight all hell breaks loose as series creator Dan Harmon says, “the Western motif falls away and an out-and-out war happens. There’s a kind of an epic, wartime, band-of-rebels-against-a-larger-force Star Wars feel to the second one.” Check out the clip fro the final episode of the second season of Community after the jump.

EW posted the clip, but they have quite a big spoiler in the form of a still from tonight’s episode, so stay away if you want to remain in the dark. Otherwise, here’s the clip: