Trailer for Craig Zobel’s COMPLIANCE Starring Ann Dowd and Dreama Walker

     July 2, 2012


The trailer for Craig Zobel‘s Compliance has gone online.  The film, based on true events, revolves around the employees at a fast food restaurant who bend to the wills of a disembodied voice on the telephone claiming to be a police officer.  I saw the film at Sundance, and it made my skin crawl and stomach turn.  It’s a movie where you want to chastise the characters for being stupid, but deep down you’re forced to seriously consider if you would have behaved the same way in their position.  Zobel did a tremendous job creating a psychological thriller that gets into some interesting and unnerving questions about human psychology.  The trailer’s worth watching although it could have done a better job at highlighting the film’s creepiness.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film stars Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy, and Bill CampCompliance opens August 17th.

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Here’s the official synopsis for Compliance:

Becky and Sandra aren’t the best of friends. Sandra is a middle-aged manager at a fast-food restaurant; Becky is a teenaged counter girl who really needs the job. One stressful day (too many customers and too little bacon), a police officer calls, accusing Becky of stealing money from a customer’s purse, which she vehemently denies. Sandra, overwhelmed by her managerial responsibilities, complies with the officer’s orders to detain Becky. This choice begins a nightmare that tragically blurs the lines between expedience and prudence, legality and reason. Craig Zobel (his The Great World of Sound appeared at the Festival in 2007) returns with this riveting film, based on a true story. The cast delivers hauntingly authentic performances that make the appalling events unfolding onscreen all the more difficult to watch, but impossible to turn away from. Delving into the complex psychology of the real-life story under its sensationalized surface, COMPLIANCE proves that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.


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