Composer Brian Tyler Exclusive Video Interview – EAGLE EYE – Part 1

     September 25, 2008

The other day I got to do something very cool – I got to visit composer Brian Tyler’s recording studio and not only have him show me around, but I got to see how a big time composer works and where films like “Eagle Eye” and “Rambo” have been scored. And the best part…he let me record the entire thing like an episode of MTV Cribs, so you all could share in the experience.

While you might think composers aren’t as sexy as the lead actor in a movie or even the director, I’d argue that a composer’s work can make or break any movie. Think about “Star Wars” without the score. Or what about “Raiders” or “E.T.” without John Williams iconic soundtrack. The fact is, a great score elevates any movie and it helps a filmmaker tell his or her story. Unfortunately, composers often get overlooked by the general public.

That being said, I never look past the score. And for many of you out there, especially all you soundtrack collectors, the score is often purchased prior to even seeing a movie…especially for a big release.

So when I was offered the opportunity to interview Brian in his studio, I actually jumped at the chance, even though my schedule has been crazy. Not only did I want to see where he worked, but I really enjoyed the score for “Eagle Eye” and wanted to talk to him about making the movie.

For those that aren’t familiar with Brian’s ever growing list of movies he’s worked on, check out his IMDB page. But some of the big ones are “Eagle Eye”, “Rambo”, ”AVP”, “Constantine”, “Children of Dune”, “Frailty,” and he’s doing next summer’s “Fast & Furious” movie as well as the next “Final Destination.” As I said, he’s kind of busy.

Anyway, Brian couldn’t have been nicer while giving me the tour and answering all my questions. In fact, he was so nice that we both lost track of time and the interview went pretty long. Since I think the interview came out great, I’m posting part 1 tonight and on Sunday I’ll post the second half.

Todayis the MTV Cribs type tour of his studio with a few questions along the way. The next article on Sunday is where Brian sits down and we do a full interview. This was actually a perfect way to divide up the interview, and if you’re a fan of Brian’s work or you’re just a wannabe musician curious how Brian got into scoring movies, I think you’ll love the interview.

Again, a huge thank you to Gillian for making this happen and to Brain for answersing all my crazy questions. Enjoy part 1 of Collider’s interview with composer Brian Tyler!

Brian Tyler – Part 1

· The interview starts with a tour of Brian’s studio

· I ask what kind of equipment runs the studio when he shows us the closet filled with electronics

· If you’re curious how a composer works, this is the interview for you

· He talks about filmmakers that come to watch the footage at his studio and he shows us the setup

· We work our way to his mixing board and he shows us a scene from Eagle Eye – I ask how long it takes to put it all together

· He shows us the actual pages of score and explains how much really goes into what you hear in the theater

· He tells me that it took 4 months of almost non-stop work on Eagle Eye and it was all encompassing

Brian Tyler – Part 2 – Where he actually records

· Brian shows us all the instruments he uses and plays a few of them

· I ask if he’s the kind of person that can pick up an instrument and just play or does he have to practice

· Can he go away from an instrument and still play or does he have to start rehearsing to play

· I ask if he collaborates a lot or is it all on his own

· How does it feel to sit down and start a project

And remember, check back for part 2 Sunday

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