Composer John Debney Will Write the Music for PREDAT0RS

     March 4, 2010

John Debney Predators image.jpg

Composer John Debney is on a roll.  Not content to only score one big summer movie (Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2), Debney has been chosen to write the music for director Nimród Antal’s Predators.   This is actually his fifth time working with writer-producer Robert Rodriguez as he’s previously scored Sin City, the two Spy Kids movies, and The Adventures of Shark-Boy and Lava-Girl.  Debney’s previous credits include Elf, Chicken Little, The Passion of the Christ, Bruce Almighty and over 100 other films.  I don’t know what kind of score he’s going to do for Predators, I just hope he includes a few beats from the original film.

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