Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk’s CON MAN Breaks Crowdfunding Records

     March 13, 2015


A few days ago we reported that former Firefly shipmates Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were teaming up for a new web series called Con Man, and that duo was hoping to fund the project via Indiegogo. The series, which features a show-with-a-show concept, will focus on the sci-fi convention scene.

Fans have truly shown their support for the series by opening their wallets, and blowing through the $425,000 ceiling to well over $1.6 million and counting. Con Man has now raised the most funds ever by a web series in its first 24 hours, and is also now the all-time highest crowdfunded web series in history.


Image via Indiegogo

Here are more details from a press release about what that huge cash windfall means for the future of the series:

Within a short time from the campaign’s launch, CON MAN blasted through their initial $425,000 goal and later sailed by the 1 million dollar mark before midnight Eastern. Less than two days since launch, the campaign busted through the records for both the highest amount crowdfunded by a web series in 24 hours and for the all-time highest crowdfunded web series across all platforms. Both the 24 hour and over-all web series records were previously held by TABLETOP SEASON 3’s Indiegogo campaign which raised $1,414,159 within 35 days. Additionally they have passed Spike Lee’s DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS film crowdfunding campaign which raised $1,418,910.

The over $1.6 million raised to date has funded eleven episodes of CON MAN. If the series’ $1.75 million stretch goal is met, the CON MAN team will be able to make the full 12 episode first season of CON MAN. They will also create the “lost episode” of SPECTRUM, CON MAN’s show within the show and build the spaceship that Alan will fly and Nathan will Captain. CON MAN still has 29 days left in their campaign.

It’s not too late to get in on the action — you can visit their Indiegogo page here to learn more about the project and also give, if you so desire. Some of the highest tiers for giving have already sold out, but it appears more are being added in their place.


Image via Indiegogo