First CON MAN Trailer Unveils Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk’s Web Series

     July 9, 2015


There couldn’t be a more perfect trailer to debut at San Diego Comic-Con than that of Con Man, a new web series from Firefly shipmates Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. The two launched a crazy successful Indiegogo campaign earlier this year, which has now manifested ($3.2 million dollars later) in what looks like a truly awesome series.

If you aren’t up to speed, here’s the official synopsis. You can also check out the brand new trailer below:

CON MAN is a lighthearted take on the personalities, luminaries, comic book stores, and characters they have run into during their years in the sci-fi community and convention circuit, while telling the story of a guy learning to love and embrace his fans. CON MAN centers around the post-show life of Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk), the pilot and co-star of SPECTRUM, a sci-fi series which was cancelled before it’s time and eventually became a cult classic beloved by fans. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred in the series and has gone on to become a major celebrity, while Wray continued to struggle to find his big break.  While Jack enjoys the life of an A-lister, Wray tours the sci-fi circuit as a guest of conventions, comic book stores, and lots of pop culture events. The show will explore all the weird and crazy things that happen to Wray along the way, while telling the story of a guy learning to love and embrace his fans.

First of all, I love that this is not just a teaser, but a full trailer for the series, which will premiere this September on Vimeo. It’s also great to spot all of the cameos, from Wil Wheaton to Tricia Helfer (“the hot cylon … no, the other one … the other one … the other one …”) to Seth Green to Joss Whedon, and so many others. This series definitely looks like it will be full of inside jokes, and a treat for fans — especially con-goers (and all those who keep the memories of their favorite cancelled series “safe in their shattered hearts”). It’s a spoof, but also clearly made with a lot of love. But whether you get all of the references or not, Con Man looks really fun, and a kind of cringe-comedy that’s not so dark (seemingly).

For more on Con Man, check back on Collider later for our full interview with the cast and creators, and much more.