CONAN Is Jason Momoa; Mickey Rourke as Corin (aka Papa Barbarian)?

     January 21, 2010


The little-known but very-in-shape Jason Momoa has been cast as the lead in Marcus Nispel’s Conan and we also have new details for a certain come-back star that might play his father, thanks to Latino Review. The part of Corin, Conan’s father, has been offered to Mickey Rourke. Meanwhile, with production set to begin within eight weeks, Momoa will have to add a good amount of muscle quickly. He has a solid frame, but doesn’t sport a barbaric build. I certainly doubt they are aiming for another Arnold Schwarzenegger but you have to at least look brutal.  Ripping flesh from giant drumsticks and drinking lots of mead doesn’t hurt either.

For more on the film, including why Rourke would be perfect and why Momoa is a risky choice, hit the break.

While Momoa will have to put even more muscle onto his hot bod, Rourke should arrive in great shape if he accepts the role. After all, he bulked up for 2008’s The Wrestler and he’s coming off his role as Russian super-villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2. This would be an inspired choice for Corin and it would be a pleasure to see Rourke in yet another large-scale film.

On the flip side, Momoa is an interesting choice that has some scratching their head and saying “Who the hell is that?” Momoa is best known for his long stints on Baywatch (44 episodes) and Stargate: Atlantis (78 episodes). Apparently they were not completely won over until Momoa, “charmed the pants off the executives.”  There was simply no other way to get those pants off.

One final note: Andrew Lobel’s re-write on the early screenplay by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer is getting high marks. Conan will be produced and distributed by Lionsgate.


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