Conan O’Brien May Be Coming to a Stage Near You!

     February 19, 2010

tonight_show_conan_o_brien_im_with_coco_image_01.jpgTeam Coco, get ready to re-raise your orange-and-white banners because The Wrap is reporting that Conan O’Brien is planning to hit the road and perform at venues across the country.  It’s a clever little work-around his NBC contract that prohibited him from appearing on television again until September.  And as Family Guy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have shown, there’s a market for television shows to hit the road and play to live audiences.

Finally, Team Coco energy hasn’t subsided as fans are anxious to see if Conan will return to late night by signing a deal with Fox (TheWrap says face-to-face meeting are expected to begin by next month).  The insidious Tonight Show promos playing during the Winter Olympics aren’t helping as they’re using The Beatles’ “Get Back” to promote Jay Leno’s return.  The Beatles should not be used for evil.