Conan O’Brien Will Begin Filming His Talk Show at the Largo (Without an Audience, Of Course)

     July 2, 2020


Conan O’Brien is moving production of his TBS talk show to the historic Largo at the Coronet theater in West Hollywood, an iconic comedy and music venue. The show will broadcast from the theater, with minimal staff and crew and with O’Brien continuing to interview guests via Zoom. Also, and this almost goes without saying, the show will be filmed without a live audience.

“I got started doing improv at the Coronet in 1986 and I’m glad we’ve figured out a way to safely keep that theater going during this lockdown” O’Brien said in a press release. Mark Flanagan, Largo’s owner, added, “We are thrilled that Conan and his great team reached out and offered to help us through these awful times. We have a long history together and look forward to many more great years to come.”


Image via TBS

It’s been a strange few months for late night television. Conan has been filming remotely since March, with O’Brien hosting the show from home via an iPhone and a single laptop. Moving the show to an actual theater space (while continuing to follow federal health and safety guidelines) will undoubtedly allow for a cleaner production, as well as help to keep a beloved local venue open during a period in which pretty much every business is struggling.

In addition to moving production of the talk show, O’Brien’s Team Coco will be launching a virtual version of their monthly live stand-up show. The first show, Team Coco Live: Moses Storm & Friends, will stream on Twitch Thursday, July 9, and will feature a line-up of well known and up and coming comedians. For more late night TV news, check out our interview with Seth Meyers.