Awesome Motion Poster for CONAN THE BARBARIAN

     March 3, 2011


All movie posters should have the protagonist standing on top of a pile of skulls.  Yes, some moviegoers would be mildly disappointed when the Muppets don’t scale Skull Mountain, but the point of a good poster is to get people interested and this new motion poster for Conan the Barbarian gets me on board.  Formerly titled Conan (but presumably “The Barbarian” was added so as to avoid confusion with “The Ginger Talk Show Host”), the movie stars Jason Momoa as the titular character.  The film also stars Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols.

Hit the jump to check out the motion poster [Warning: it also has sound].  Conan the Barbarian opens in 3D on August 19th.

Poster via IGN.

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