Motion Portrait for CONAN THE BARBARIAN

     June 3, 2011


Hey remember that awesome Conan the Barbarian motion poster we showed you a couple months back where he was standing on top of a mountain of skulls?  Okay, now imagine if that image was lame and crappy and you actually had to move the frame of the poster just to see Conan (Jason Momoa) swinging his sword at a guy and blending into the background.  This is called a “motion portrait” and it’s a trend that shouldn’t catch on.  However, if you’re super hard-up for new Conan stuff, you can check out the portrait after the jump [Warning: it has sound].  Conan the Barbarian opens in 3D on August 19th. [Update: Lionsgate has informed us that this is a sneak peek at the website that is relaunching tonight.  Not exactly sure how that makes the motion portrait any better.]

via UGO

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