Concept Art from Director Carl Erik Rinsch’s SMALL

     April 10, 2010

Concept Art from Director Carl Erik Rinsch SMALL slice.jpg

If you haven’t seen director Carl Erik Rinsch’s short sci-fi film The Gift, you need to stop reading and click this link.  That’s because Rinsch’s 5 minute short that takes place in a futuristic Russia is an awesome little film that has already sparked a bidding war in Hollywood.

While everyone assumed the bidding war was over the rights to the short film and the world Rinsch created, Peter at Slashfilm found out Rinsch has already written and designed a feature called Small and The Gift is actually the prequel to that film!  But it gets better.  Peter landed some leaked concept art from Small and if you hit the jump you can check it out:

According to Peter, the concept art was created by J.J. Palomo’s FX company in Spain as Rinsch already works with them on his very cool commercials.  Also,  Peter reports:

“Rinsch has met with various nobel prize winning scientists and theorists in designing a world and a narrative that could be scientifically plausible. He’s pretty hardcore about creating a world that could actually exist, ala 2001. I’ve heard that in the past, Rinsch has joked that the project is a mix between 2001, Bladerunner and Doctor Zhivago with a bit of Bourne-style action.”

With the worldwide success of District 9, I think Small is an easier sell to studio executives.  Also, while executives are always nervous to invest in a new concept, when you can show them such a cool short film, I think this is a no brainer.  The big question is…which studio is going to pull the trigger.

Since Rinschhas two projects at Universal (Creature From the Black Lagoon and 47 Ronin) perhaps he’ll end up there.  I’m sure we’ll know soon. Either way…this concept art is awesome.

Concept Art from Director Carl Erik Rinsch SMALL (3).jpg

Concept Art from Director Carl Erik Rinsch SMALL (1).jpg

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