Confirmed! WATCHMEN Director’s Cut to Show In Select Theaters For One Weekend in July

     June 24, 2009

director_zack_snyder_image__1_.jpgJust an hour ago I attended an amazing Blu-ray presentation at Warner Bros. in Burbank to help promote “Watchmen: The Director’s Cut” and “300” on Blu-ray. Based on the footage I saw and how interactive the discs are, these are seriously must own Blu-ray’s. The “Watchmen” Blu-ray has over three hours of extras and the “300” Blu-ray over two hours. I was really blown away.

But the highlight of the day was director Zack Snyder confirming the news that the “Watchmen Director’s Cut” would be playing in select movie theaters next month! If you remember, he talked about a possibly release when the film first came out.

Zack said the movie would show in theaters “the weekend before Comic-Con in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York.” He said the release would only be for one weekend and in one theater. He also said they made a new “Watchmen” movie poster to help promote the release.

Take a look at what he said after the jump. If you live in one of these cities, this is awesome news.

I’ll have a lot more of what Zack told me later today or tomorrow. Including his Comic-Con plans – which are awesome.

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