NBC Halts CONSTANTINE Production after 13 Episodes; Show Might Still Return for Second Season

     November 24, 2014


Although fellow DC/WB projects Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham have found success on network television, the studio’s non-superhero television series, Constantine, has struggled to catch fire in its first season, although it’s too early to tell if it’s worth canceling.  The NBC show is based on the long-running comic series Hellblazer and follows a supernatural detective who helps fend off demons and dark magic.  I haven’t watched the series, but looking over Dave’s recaps, he seems to like it alright, so perhaps there’s a larger fanbase.  NBC needs all the help it can get on Friday nights (I have no idea how Hannibal is still on the air, but I’m grateful), so the freshman series may not be in the grave just yet.

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Constantine-The-Darkness-Beneath-matt-ryanAccording to Deadline, NBC has stopped production on Constantine following the completion of its 13-episode order.  Usually, a network would have enough information at this point on whether or not to order more episodes or nix the series, but because Constantine premiered in late October, there isn’t enough ratings data since only four episodes have aired rather than the standard seven, which is where networks feel comfortable enough to make a call on the series’ fate.

Deadline also notes that the ratings for Constantine have been ticking upwards, and they’re continuing to promote the series to the point where they’re running marathons on Syfy and having cast members show up during NBC’s broadcast of the Macy’s Day Parade, which is a half-measure.  If you want people to care about your show, put a giant, chain-smoking John Constantine float in the parade.  Then people will take notice.

NBC doesn’t have anything ready to replace Constantine at its Friday 10pm timeslot once the series goes on hiatus/dies, which is surprising since I consider that timeslot home to Hannibal.  I’m not sure what could possibly be a better fit.