Save ‘Constantine’! Fan Petition Calls For Show To Continue On Another Network

     November 9, 2015


Fans aren’t willing to give up on Constantine just yet. Following the comic book series’ cancellation on NBC, the part-time magician, part-time occult detective hit up Arrow for a crossover event. The episode, titled “Haunted,” sparked an 11% ratings increase in the show’s core demographic. Regardless of whether or not there’s still hope for a continuation, fans have taken to the Web to petition one into existence.

The petition, called “Save Constantine,” implores the powers that be to keep the show going on another network. Executive producer David Goyer remarked that part of the reason why Constantine failed was because NBC was “the wrong channel” for such material. The petitioners agree and targeted The CW, El Rey Network, Yahoo Screen, Netflix, and USA as potential homes.


Image via The CW

Something like this is not completely out of the realm of possibility. Netflix, for instance, sponsored a third season of The Killing, which was canceled by AMC, and is developing revivals of Gilmore Girls and Full House. If the fans are jonesing for more, it would seem that anything is possible. As of the writing of this post, the petition received 12,268 supporters out of the 15,000 it called for.

With Constantine now officially a part of the Arrowverse, along with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, there are a lot more possibilities for the character should a miracle befall the show. When last we saw him, he helped Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Team Arrow work some magical mojo on the newly resurrected Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). It’s funny to think how the producers were very adamant about Arrow not straying into the magical or super-powered realms when the show was first getting off the ground. Cut to now and we have a scarlet speedster with his own show and another spinoff involving a time-traveling tyrant. Apparently, anything is possible, which is why I’m perhaps secretly holding out hope for John Constantine.