Cool LOST Inspired Artwork by Ty Mattson plus Matt Ponders the Latest Episode, “Happily Ever After”

     April 6, 2010


SuperPunch turned up some amazing Lost-inspired artwork by artist Ty Mattson.  While we all drooled over the limited-edition Lost artwork released last year, I want to know when and where I can buy what Mattson recently created.  Mattson has designed a black-and-white illustration for each episode of season six so far and he’ll continue to do one for all those that are still remaining.  It’s exciting to see how he distills one episode into a single image that’s both striking and clever.

Hit the jump to see the images and to read my brief thoughts on this week’s episode, “Happily Ever After.”

Click here to see more of Mattson’s amazing work, both Lost and non­-Lost-related.

I’m a huge fan of Desmond and his episodes are among the best in the series.  Tonight marked the character’s long-awaited return as he had been largely absent from the series since the season five episode, “Dead Is Dead.”  After seeing tonight’s episode, “Happily Ever After,” I have to admit I’m a little letdown.  The disconnect for me came from the acceptance Desmond feels at the end of the episode.  I didn’t understand how the events in his sideways life affected him to make a change in both realities.  I’m not surprised that he’s the one who can and will link the two, but I don’t understand why.

Why is Desmond now on board with Widmore’s plan and the sacrifice it will entail?  We were both in the dark with Desmond but now he’s seen the light, he’s happened, and we’re still groping around wondering what happened to our Scottish pal.  As for Sideways-Desmond, he seems to approach his new task of finding the other Oceanic passengers with the unnerving passion of a missionary.  “There’s something I need to show them…” sounds creepy, especially when it seems like the only way to “show” someone this “thing” (presumably the glimpse and the reconnect to the other reality) is to bring them to a near-death experience.

I know this is a big episode in terms of the mythology and it’s good to have Desmond back in the game, but Desmond is at his best when he’s a fighter.  I was left cold by Desmond calmly accepting his mission when I didn’t understand the transformative effect his time in alternata-land had on him.  I love the mysteries of Lost, but I like them more when Desmond is trying to figure them out with us rather than moving on alone.

But–as it always is between me and Lost–I can’t wait to see where it goes.  I also can’t wait to see what Mattson does with “Happily Ever After”.