Could DC Comics Be Developing a WATCHMEN Sequel/Prequel?

     February 3, 2010


Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC has some pretty definite plans to move forward with several sequels or even prequels to the Watchmen comics.  Why now, after over 20 years after the original graphic novel was published?  The popularity of the book since the release of the film adaptation’s release is one reason, but the driving force behind these plans is DC Comics’ Dan Di Dio.  Since previous DC Comics president and publisher Paul Levitz stepped down, new executive editor Dan DiDio seems determined to make a Watchmen sequel and reap the financial benefits.  Levitz prevented any continuation of the story despite various attempts to do so, most significantly in the Countdown multiverse, because doing so would be a terrible move creatively and would also go against the wishes of Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore.  Since Alan Moore decided he wanted nothing to do with DC as well as with Watchmen years ago and also refused to have anything to do with the film adaptation, it’s pretty likely that he’d never agree to get behind it, considering that he and Dave Gibbons reportedly have rights to first refusal.  Regardless, plans for a sequel seem to be moving ahead faster than most expected.

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Since the original creative team will likely not remain intact for a sequel, Dan DiDio has been looking for new writers and illustrators to work on possible continuations or spinoffs of Watchmen, as DiDio’s plans seem to go beyond a single sequel.  Some of the artists that Bleeding Cool reports as possible selections to carry the torch are Rich Veitch, Jim Baike, and Gene Ha/Zander Cannon, given their previous experience working on Moore’s material.  Regardless of what happens as these plans move forward, there will still definitely be a lot of angry fanboys and fangirls out there (myself included) who see this as Levitz saw it: a “creatively bankrupt move.”  Despite the lukewarm reception of the film adaptation, Watchmen is still DC’s best selling graphic novel of all time, and therefore it seems pretty likely that regardless of the integrity of the original story, it will be continued in the comic medium.


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