Could GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Start Filming This Summer?

     December 29, 2009

ghostbusters_movie_image_harold_ramis__bill_murray_and_dan_aykroyd.jpgGhostbusters 3 has been rumored for a great many years, but the project looks like it is finally taking off.  Director Harold Ramis says it may start shooting next summer and hit screens in 2011.  He also revealed a few details about the plot of the film.  It’s unlikely that Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbuster go to Hell script will ever see the light of day, as Ramis appears to be leaning toward a Ghostbusters: The New Class type of movie.  The full quote and a bunch of speculation is after the jump.

Ramis spoke with Heeb Magazine about his entire career (a good read). When it came to Ghostbusters, he was notably open about the new film.

harold_ramis_01.jpgSomething’s going to happen. Dan [Aykroyd] did write a spec GB3 screenplay a few years ago, but no one was motivated to pursue it. Now, 25 years after the original, there seems to be some willingness to proceed and apparently a substantial public appetite for a sequel. We’ll introduce some new young Ghostbusters, and all the old guys will be in it, too. Think Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future … GB3 is progressing with plans to shoot next summer and release in 2011 … Oh, and I have two one-of-a-kind Ghostbuster yarmulkes sent by fans.

The Office co-executive producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are working on the script and just a few weeks back Sigourney Weaver commented on her role in the sequel.

I might be in it and I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don’t think I will have a big part in it. I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it – he might be a ghost.

Ghostbusters 3 could be a great trip, or a terrible idea.  Ramis himself admitted this when he sat down with us back in June.  The script needs to be worthy of the 25 year gap, and the special effects will have to be handled very carefully.  I don’t think anybody wants a computer generated Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man.  Still, having a younger group of ghostbusters could work, and I laughed just thinking of Bill Murray as a ghost.  Let’s just hope they spend more time writing this than Year One.


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