Could IRON MAN 2 Fly Right Into Your Face In 3D?

     September 1, 2009

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I did not attend this year’s Comic Con.  Of course, I followed all the news that came out of it.  But I was certain one of the huge surprises of the Con would be some “Iron Man 2” footage in 3D.  Iron Man just screams 3D in my mind and I was let down that the 3D reveal never happened. “Oh well,” I said, “There is always chance for an Iron Man 3D next time.”

So, I am happy to read that there is a new rumor (which is probably true) that “Iron Man 2” might be in 3D after all when it flies into theaters next year.  If this wasn’t cool enough, we might also be getting the first “Iron Man” in 3D too. You can read the rest of the details when you click on the jump.
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AICN Overlord Harry Knowles says that there is a one-minute demo of “Iron Man 2” that has been converted to high quality Digital-3D.  According to Harry, the suits at Marvel, Paramount, and now Disney, are all contemplating this one minute.  It seems like they are fishing for bids with the three different companies to see what the cost and time it would take to convert “Iron Man 2” to a completely 3D film while also looking to see if they can convert the original “Iron Man” to 3D as well.

If you guys remember, Jon Favreau has expressed interest in doing “Iron Man 2” in 3D before.  The director said that after seeing some footage from “Avatar,” he tried to propose the idea to Marvel but “There are a few drawbacks to it at this point. There’s more cost involved and it forces you to shoot digitally.” He thought it would certainly work out well for Iron Man and that he was “hoping to get a shot at doing it this time around but it didn’t work out that way”.  So, it seems that Favreau did get his 3D after all. You can read Steve’s interview with Favreau discussing 3D and “Iron Man 2” here.

I’m very happy about this Iron Man-3D news.  You can have so much fun with the 3D gimmicks without ever looking gimmicky since even 2D has a guy flying right at you.  With the sequel it looks like we will now have energy-charged whips coming right at us too.  So why not just take the extra step and make it 3D?  It seems like the perfect decision and I’m sure that it will make “Iron Man 2” even more fun than we all expect it will be.

In case if you guys forgot, “Iron Man 2” comes out May 7th.

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