Funky ‘Cowboy Bebop’ 20th Anniversary Collector’s Editions Now Available from Funimation

     May 3, 2018


If you’ve got the woolongs, you can get your hands on not one, not two, but three limited collector’s editions of Cowboy Bebop, specifically created by Funimation for the landmark anime series’ 20th anniversary this year. Here’s the catch: Each of the three specially designed collector’s editions have to reach 1,000 pre-order reservations or they won’t be produced. That’s right, you’ve got to put your hard-earned or ill-gotten gains down ahead of time on your favorite design(s) or it’ll never see the light of day. Such is life as a space cowboy on the unforgiving frontier.

Here’s how it works:

Now you probably have some questions about the reservation method and what happens in the 1,000 pre-orders of your preferred version(s) isn’t met. Funimation has you covered there:

  • Why 1,000 units? In order to get the products manufactured, we have to meet a minimum order number.
  • If a set doesn’t hit 1,000 reservations, will it really never be created? Yes, as mentioned above, manufacturing requires a minimum quantity. So, if a set doesn’t hit the goal, it doesn’t get made.
  • What if none of the sets hit 1,000 reservations? Then we’re all gonna carry that weight—because none of the sets will be made.
  • Do I have to pay immediately? No, your information will be gathered, but your card will not be charged until the set reaches its goal and is confirmed for production on May 31st.
  • Can I reserve more than one? Yep, yep, yep! If you’ve got the woolong then you’ve got the means to reserve on multiple sets. You can even reserve multiple copies of each collector’s edition if you so choose.

If you’ve got more questions, be sure to head over to Funimation’s page for the 20th anniversary of Cowboy Bebop, where you can also pre-order your preferred copy (or all three). Here’s what you’ll get!