Comic Release: Craig Zobel to Direct THE LITIGATOR; Weird Al Coming to the Big Screen?

     July 8, 2010


Fox Atomic may have shut down last year but its film’s are not going silently into that good night. The Litigator, a comedy written by the possibly-poised-for-a-breakthrough tandem of Chris Poole and Mike Arnold, has been transferred to 20th Century Fox for the duration of its development. Craig Zobel, a rising director who won Breakthrough Director at the Gotham Awards in 2007 for the film Great World of Sound, is now attached to direct. According to Risky Business, The Litigator is about a loser lawyer who works at his uncle’s successful firm. The man finds himself in deep water when he must defend a man faslely accused of murder.

Weird Al Yankovic’s new movie, the appropriately titled, Untitled Weird Al Yankovic Project, is no longer in development at Cartoon Network Studios. According to Weird Al’s blog [via Movie Web], the network is getting out of the filmmaking business which means he is now free to shop his script around. He notes that this exact same sequence occurred when he was trying to produce the cult-classic UHF. Hopefully a studio takes a flier on the script, Weird Al deserves to ride nerdy on the big screen.

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