Bryan Cranston in Nicholas Winding Refn’s DRIVE; Cillian Murphy in I’M.MORTAL; Ethan Hawke Joins A LATE QUARTET

     August 8, 2010


We have three pieces of casting news for you tonight.  First up is the exciting news that Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) has joined Ryan Gosling in Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive.  Per Film School Rejects, Drive is about “a stuntman by day who’s also a getaway driver by night. Many have labeled it as an action movie, but Refn says it’s going to be more of a love story that has action as well.”  I’ve recently become a Refn fan after seeing Bronson and The Pusher Trilogy so Drive was already on my radar.  But now with Cranston in the mix (in hopefully a significant role), I can’t wait to see this flick.

Hit the jump for casting news regarding Cillian Murphy in I’m.mortal and Ethan Hawke in the indie drama A Late Quartet.

cillian_murphy_01Heat Vision reports that Cillian Murphy is in final negotiations to co-star alongside Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in Andrew Niccol’s I’m.mortal.  The sci-fi film takes place in the not-too-distant future where time has become currency after humanity has discovered how to shut-off the aging gene.  Not surprisingly, in this world, the rich can live forever while the poor barter for immortality.  Per HV:

“When a poor man named Will (Timberlake, who still is negotiating his deal) is suddenly given a fortune, he becomes the target of a murder investigation and kidnaps an heiress (Seyfried) while on the run.  Murphy will play an officer from an organization known as Timekeepers and described as ‘precise as the time he keeps.'”

I dig the premise and this sounds very much in the vein of Niccol’s best film, Gattaca.

Finishing up, Gattaca star Ethan Hawke has signed on to the indie drama A Late Quartet, which “centers on a quartet whose members have performed together for 25 years and have to adjust to one of them retiring due to Parkinson’s disease.”  According to Variety, “Hawke will portray the second violinist whose desire for more solos leads him to have an affair with his jogging partner, leaving him remorseful and saddened by the state of his marriage.”

Hawke recently signed on to co-star in the spy thriller The Numbers Station.

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