7 Weirdest Batman Villains: From Polka Dot Man to Orca the Whale Woman

     February 7, 2017


The Joker. Two-Face. Scarecrow. The Penguin. Some of the Caped Crusader’s most nefarious villains are the ones we won’t be discussing in this article as we look at the Dark Knight’s crazier, more ridiculous villains who have happened to darken the steps of Gotham City’s door. In Batman’s long career of crime fighting, Bruce Wayne has had his fair share of tussles that nearly got him killed, but the villains mentioned here have done little more than annoy the Batman and left readers scratching their heads as they attempted to figure out how exactly some of these rogues had come into being in the first place. With Warner Brothers’ The LEGO Batman Movie barreling into theaters on February 10th, we thought we’d take this opportunity to go into the backstory, power set, and first appearances of these goofy antagonists.


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