Shudder Series ‘Creepshow’ Is a Hit & Keeps Setting New Viewership Records

     October 22, 2019


It looks like AMC’s streamer Shudder has a bonafide hit on their hands with new series Creepshow. Based on the movie franchise of the same name, the anthology series brings to life a new story from the fictional Creepshow comic books. Season 1 officially debuted on the Shudder streaming service back on September 26 with a new episode premiering weekly.


Image via Shudder

According to a Deadline report, Creepshow is a monster hit for Shudder. Following its September 26 premiere, Creepshow has nabbed the attention 54% of Shudder viewers who have watched at least one episode of the series. The first episode of Creepshow also boasts having the largest number of minutes streamed during its opening weekend. This puts it in good company with other popular Shudder titles including Hell House LLC 3: Lake of FireMandy, and Summer of ’84. Shudder also reports Creepshow is responsible for bringing in new viewers every week and the show set a record in its first week with the highest number of total minutes streamed.

Of Creepshow‘s successShudder GM Craig Engler said in an exclusive statement:

Creepshow is a breakout series that’s hit the trifecta for streaming services: Shudder members love it, critics love it and it’s driving record numbers of new subscribers. Greg Nicotero and his team have delivered an amazing show that honors the original movie by George A. Romero and Stephen King while forging an identity that’s uniquely its own.”

Creepshow has a solid pedigree, not just because it’s tied to a popular horror film franchise and the one true horror god, Stephen King, but also because episodes are directed by The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero, who also serves as executive producer. The series has also brought in some familiar faces, including David ArquetteKid Cudi, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Curious about Creepshow? Read our review of the Shudder series hereCreepshow Season 1 is available to watch on Shudder now with new episodes released weekly.