Guillermo del Toro Reveals the Practical Ghosts from ‘Crimson Peak’

     October 30, 2015


Crimson Peak surprised a lot of people, and maybe not all in the same way. What Universal Pictures understandably marketed as a terrifying horror movie from singular filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was actually a Gothic romance through and through. To take a line from the film, it’s not a ghost story; it’s a story with ghosts in it. I thought it was a gorgeously realized, lush, and emotionally haunting film about the many different kinds of love. But some folks were disappointed to find out Crimson Peak wasn’t exactly a horror movie, with its unabashed Gothic romance tone and lack of scares.

Some also took issue with del Toro’s use of fully CG ghosts, which came as a shock from a filmmaker known for his love of practical effects. Problem is, they aren’t CG ghosts. The ghosts in the film were actually actors in practical makeup with CG layered on top. I’ll admit even I thought the ghosts were mostly CG, so maybe it’s just a case of the makeup being that good. Regardless, the effect was the same—I was sufficiently spooked, curious, and eventually empathetic for these ethereal characters.


Image via Universal Pictures

But del Toro, who’s been tearing it up on Twitter lately with one of the best accounts around, took to the social media service today to offer even further proof of the practical ghosts via some behind-the-scenes photos. It’s stunning stuff that’s actually pretty much exactly what we see in the film, save for some missing floating ghost residue. I surely hope there’s an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary about Crimson Peak on the Blu-ray, because the design aspects of the movie are insanely good.

Anyway, take a gander at the photos below, via Guillermo del Toro’s Twitter. And if you haven’t seen Crimson Peak, I suggest seeking it out. It’d make for swell Halloween weekend watching, after all.


Image via Universal Pictures

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