Crispin Glover Talks ‘Lucky Day’, Roger Avary and Creating a Psychotic French Hitman

     October 11, 2019

Crispin Glover has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a unique and unforgettable actor who brings a distinct flavor to the numerous characters he portrays on film and television. From the awkward but well-meaning George McFly in Back to the Future to the creepy Layne in River’s Edge to the silent yet deadly Thin Man in the Charlie’s Angels franchise to the unsettlingly calm Mr. World in the recent American Gods series, Glover has left his mark on our collective memories with his work. This holds true again in his latest film Lucky Day, where he deliciously plays a smirking, sadistic French hitman named Luc who has a penchant for weapons, brutality, and revenge.


Courtesy of Lionsgate

The film from Roger Avary, the Oscar-winning co-screenwriter of Pulp Fiction and director of underground 90s favorite Killing Zoe and The Rules of Attraction, evokes a lot of the same feel and vibe of the violent, quirky and independent movies of that decade. Right before the film’s release this weekend, I sat down with Glover to talk about his experiences working on Lucky Day, what drew him to the character of Luc, and how he went about creating another singular character to add to his lexicon of unforgettable characters. Glover also reveals the upcoming film projects he is currently working on, the “depth” he seeks to find in the parts he chooses to play at this point in his career, and why the perception of him has greatly been skewed over the years. Click on the video above to watch our interview.

Here is the official synopsis for Lucky Day:

Director Roger Avary, the Oscar®-winning writer of Pulp Fiction and Killing Zoe, lends his high-energy, bone-crunching style to this crime saga starring Crispin Glover (“American Gods”), Nina Dobrev (Flatliners), and Luke Bracey (Point Break). Finally out of prison, safecracker Red (Bracey) rejoins his wife (Dobrev) and daughter and vows to go straight. But psychotic French hit man Luc (Glover) has also come to town, seeking revenge against Red for the death of Luc’s brother — leading to a very unlucky showdown.

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