Criterion Collection’s December 2020 Titles Include ‘Amores perros’ and Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’

     September 15, 2020


Yes, yes, yes, I love a streaming service as much as the next cinephile, but wowie zowie, there’s just nothing like a Criterion Collection blu-ray package. The home video imprint puts a wide variety of classic and contemporary films into immaculate pieces of physical media, ensuring they stay revered for years to come. Now, they’ve announced their titles for December 2020 — and they’ve got some barn-burners.

We’ve got Alejandro Iñárritu‘s Amores perros, a 2000 “everything is connected” crime thriller with fierce style to spare; David Cronenberg‘s 1996 Crash, which is not “everything is connected via racism” but is instead “what if you fucked near car crashes?”; Robert Bresson‘s Mouchette, a 1967 piece of French minimalist miserablism; and William GreavesSymbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One, a classic experimental meta-documentary from 1968. This is an eclectic slate of cinema to enrich yourselves with, but be warned with one of them: You need to be in “a certain mood” to experience Crash.

Check out all of these titles’ cover arts, synopses, and bonus features below. And here’s what’s coming to Criterion November 2020.

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