How Crypt TV Is Building ‘Marvel for Monsters’ with Generation Z in Mind

     January 23, 2020

The more monsters the better, right? I certainly think so and if you share that same mentality you should probably check out the wealth of content being produced over at Crypt TV right now. Their team is striving to create “Marvel for Monsters,” and is already well into establishing that universe on their YouTube channel and on Facebook Watch where you can watch their hit show The Birch.

As someone who can’t get enough horror, it was a pleasure to sit down with the CCO of Crypt TV, Kate Krantz, to get a clearer picture of the brand’s accomplishments thus far and to hear about what they’re looking to achieve down the road. It’s an exciting time to be part of a team that aims to tell scary stories on a variety of platforms that speaks to the Gen Z audience because traditional storytelling forms are changing and expanding significantly. Krantz touched on that during our conversation and also highlighted how their creations have already made a great impact worldwide:


Image via Crypt TV

“Content is evolving so much. Like, what is a TV series anymore? How would you define that? We do TV. We have a couple of TV series that we’ll be announcing in the coming year. We’ve done long form expansions of our short form IP. I mean, if you look at The  Birch, that was a couple minutes and from that source material where the monster showed her face for less than 10 seconds, people all over the world send us pictures of that character tattooed on their body. It means something to them!”

If you want to see the creature from The Birch in action for yourself, click here to check out the Crypt TV content on YouTube which also includes a number of unforgettable creations like “The Look-See,” “Sunny Family Cult,” and more. Episodes of The Birch, which Krantz oversees, are also available for your viewing pleasure right here.

To hear loads more about what the folks at Crypt TV are working on, check out the Collider conversation with Krantz in the video at the top of this article and if you’d prefer a podcast instead, you can find that option below:


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