CSI Season One Blu-Ray Review

     May 26, 2009

CSI.jpgSince about everybody on earth knows about CSI and its various spin-offs, I will avoid talking your ear off about the first season of this awesome show. Back in 2000 when the show debuted, it was praised as unique and downright entertaining, while still leaving us wanting more.  Over the past year or so, a lot of television shows have begun the transfer to Blu-Ray high definition, but I feel that this transfer was a must.  I don’t know if it’s the style of the show, or the post-production that goes into the finished product, but this show looks fantastic in high definition.

CSI Season One Blu-ray.jpgIf you didn’t know, CSI stands for crime scene investigation, as this show revolves around a multitude of characters solving crimes around my hometown, Las Vegas.  The team is led by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), and although the other actors do a fine job, he is by far the selling point of the show.  The cases are always on the weird meter, as they range from the extremely bizarre to the outlandishly interesting.  Though many of the cases are a little far fetched, they are always entertaining and provide the show with some mystery, which is definitely something many shows are missing (especially when it first airs).

After watching this season, I came across some very strange information.  The show was originally shot on high definition, but for some reason, the first season was presented in full screen format…as I said, this show contains mystery.  Other versions of the standard format were released, but this seems like such a waste time and money- why not present all episodes in the way they were supposed to be seen?  Anyways, this blu-ray set remedies the problem, presenting the pilot in widescreen high definition for the first time ever.

CSI Season One image (2).jpg

Obviously, the show has been hugely successful and has spawned its spinoffs over the years.  Interestingly, the ratings between Season One and Three of the show skyrocketed, so many people may have not seen this season in its entirety.  I personally watched this show when it first aired and bought the season when it was first released on standard DVD years ago.  This version is the definitive one, and anyone who enjoys the show and owns a blu-ray player should buy this set.

Show Rating: A

Special Features

There isn’t anything new to the Blu-ray version of the show, except that the pilot is presented in an extended version with director commentary. I believe the standard set had this as well, but the high-def version is so much prettier to watch.

There is your typical gag reels and deleted scenes but they don’t really add anything to the set.

Honestly, you buy this DVD set because you love CSI and high definition.  Since this season aired almost ten years ago, there isn’t a huge expectation for special features, so I don’t feel like they are even needed in this set.

Special Features Rating: C/NA

Overall Rating: A

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