CW Greenlights BETWIXT Pilot; Gives Presentation Orders to HMS and HELLCATS

     February 3, 2010


A week after greenlighting a new Nikita series along with a new family drama from the creator of Gilmore Girls, CW is back in action. The network gave presentation orders, a 7-10 minute mini-pilot, to both HMS and Hellcats while giving a full pilot order to Betwixt.

HMS will be set in the titular Harvard Medical School and will follow the lives (and loves) of a group of freshman as seen through the eyes of a female protagonist. HMS features some star power as Amy Holden Jones (Mystic Pizza) wrote the pilot script and Hayden Panettiere is a co-executive producer. Hellcats has the distinction of being produced by Tom Welling, in conjunction with Kevin Murphy who penned the script. According to THR, Hellcats will be set in the world of competitive cheerleading so it will have similarities to both Election and Bring it on Again. I fear cheerocracy as an institution may never be the same.

Betwixt, which follows in the supernatural tradition of, well, Supernatural, will have an urban backdrop and will show the story of “changelings” who save humans from evil. The pilot will be written by Elizabeth Chandler (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and it is my hope that it strongly resembles the Animorphs meets Rent fan-fiction I have been working on.