‘Cybersix’ Review: An Animated Series Worthy of the Wachowskis | Saturday Mourning Cartoons

     January 25, 2020

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In this Listener Recommendation episode, Sean Paul Ellis and Dave Trumbore of Saturday Mourning Cartoons tackle the internationally produced 1999 animated action series, Cybersix. The unique show with an incredible international talent pool centered on the title character, a female android masquerading as a male literature teacher by day and a black-clad superhero by night. It’s got mutants, it’s got Nazis, it’s got a compelling character with LGBTQ elements that makes for an interesting and modern story more than 20 years later.

The show was adapted from an original Argentine comic drawn by Carlos Meglia and written by Carlos Trillo for the Italian comics magazine Skorpio (Eura Editoriale), which was first translated into Spanish in 1993 before it was turned into a live-action series in 1995. Then, with production from Vancouver-based Network of Animation (NOA) and animated in Japan by TMS Entertainment (Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles), Cybersix debuted in Argentina and Canada, eventually on Fox Kids in the U.S. The award-winning series was then scrapped after just one season due to expense and disagreement between production studios. That’s a shame, as we discuss in this episode.

Image via TMS Entertainment, NOA

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