Cyborg Explained: Who Is the ‘Justice League’s Mighty Machine Man?

     November 14, 2017


Victor Stone. Half man, half machine. Teen Titan. Justice Leaguer. Cyborg is easily the newest member of the Justice League, becoming a full-time teammate following the reboot of Flashpoint and the introduction of the “New 52” era of the DC Comics Universe. Acting as the “brains” of the Justice League’s operation, Stone links the team together through his master of all technology, what with being a cyborg and all. Unlike the rest of the Justice League, Cyborg has an interesting past in that he was originally a full-fledged member of the Teen Titans and was brought up to the big leagues as a way to link the team further with Darkseid and the “mother box” that play such a prominent role in the upcoming film.

But for the uninitiated, I’ve broken down the character’s origin story, powers and abilities, and other adaptations below!


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