HBO KO’s Spike Lee and Mike Tyson’s DA BRICK

     March 13, 2012


In somewhat disappointing news today, HBO has decided to pass on Da Brick, a drama pilot from Academy Award-nominated director Spike Lee and boxing legend, Mike Tyson. Written by John Ridley and directed by Lee, Da Brick was partially inspired by Tyson’s formative youth and looked at what it was like to be a young, black man in an America that is supposedly “post-racial.” The project began when Tyson was on the set of Entourage for a guest role and he mentioned to series creator, Doug Ellin that he’d like to build a show around his own life, much like they did for Mark Wahlberg’s early days. What’s most disappointing to me is that John Boyega (Attack the Block) was set to star as Donnie, the central character who is a young boxer fresh out of juvenile detention on his 18th birthday. I would have been infinitely more interested in Boyega’s performance than the show’s premise itself, but as Deadline reports, HBO has passed. Such a shame. Da Brick was executive produced by Lee, Tyson, Ridley and Ellin.