Dakota Fanning Rises With the NEW MOON

     March 7, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

BellaandEdward.com is reporting that Dakota Fanning has accepted the role of Jane in the upcoming “Twilight” film, “New Moon”, or, if we must use the full title, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”. We can also use my title for it, “Stalker Abstinence Romance Part II”. Since I don’t personally know any fans of the “Twilight” books and if I do we won’t be friends for long, I don’t know how folks feel about Fanning playing this role. Yes, I could do some research on what fans think of Fanning think of joining the series but let’s face it: my Friday night is sad enough without trolling “Twilight” fan sites.

However, I will use the Hitchhiker’s Guid—I mean, Wikipedia, to get a little synopsis of Jane’s role: She’s a member of the Volturi (a vampire high council of some sort) and is described and has the power to create illusions of pain. So she’s a villain? That would be cool. Fanning has moved beyond being a child actress so she wouldn’t be the creepy child monster that’s such weak sauce (Horror Rule #11: You cannot scare me with something I can drop-kick). Furthermore, after her performance in “Push”, I’m starting to appreciate her more as an actress so perhaps she’ll make this flick slightly more bearable.

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