May 3, 2011


Dakota Johnson, the young actress who impressed with her handle on the Aaron Sorkin banter while prancing around in Stanford cardinal underwear in The Social Network, has booked her next three projects.  Variety reports Johnson is currently shooting the indie comedy Goats with David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga.  This summer, she’ll film a role on the 21 Jump Street remake led by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Lastly, she’ll join Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, and Chris Pratt for the romantic comedy Five Year Engagement.

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In addition to Duchovny, Farmiga, and now Johnson, the Goats supporting cast features Keri Russell, Minnie Driver, Will Arnett, Ty Burrell, and Graham Phillips.  The is the feature directorial debut of Christopher Neil.  The official synopsis:

The coming of age story follows 15 year-old, Ellis (Phillips) as he moves from Wendy, his flakey, new age mother’s (Farmiga) South-Western home to an East Coast prep school where his estranged father Frank (Burrell) was once a star student.  For Ellis, this means leaving behind the only real dad he has ever known, Goat Man (Duchovny), his pot-smoking, goat herding mentor, and ultimately needing to evaluate his new prep school lifestyle that’s in stark contrast to his stoner upbringing.

21-jump-street-posterIce Cube, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Johnny Simmons, and Rob Riggle round out the cast of 21 Jump Street; Johnny Depp, the star launched by the original 1980s television series, is on board for a cameo.  Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) will direct 21 Jump Street, scheduled for release March 16, 2012.  The series synopsis:

The show is about a group of young cops whose youthful appearances enabled them to work undercover in both high schools and sometimes colleges to catch troubled youths. The show’s plots covered typical issues of its time, including alcoholism, hate crimes, drug abuse, gay rights, AIDS, child abuse, and sexual promiscuity. Similarly, each problem was often solved by the end of the hour long show, giving an implicit moral about the impact of a particular activity. When the show originally aired, some episodes were followed immediately by public service announcements featuring cast members. [Wikipedia]

Five Year Engagement reunites Segel, director Nicholas Stoller, and producer Judd Apatow in the rom-com genre four years after Forgetting Sarah Marshall hit theaters.  (In the meantime, Stoller and Segel scripted the Muppets reboot due November 23.)  Five Year Engagement follows the film follows the extended engagement of a young couple (Segel and Blunt) and the “break-ups, cross-country moves, and meeting new people” along the way.  I imagine Johnson will play a young seductress who qualifies as “new people” for Segel.  Chris Pratt, Rhys Ifans, Lauren Weedman, David Paymer, Kevin Hart, and Jacki Weaver also star.

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