Damon Lindelof in Talks to Develop ‘Watchmen’ Series for HBO

     June 20, 2017


Now that The Leftovers has departed, Damon Lindelof is gearing up for his next project and it’s a big one. Back in 2015, we broke the news that HBO was developing a Watchmen TV series based on Alan Moore‘s iconic graphic novel with Zack Snyder, who previously helmed the 2009 film adaptation for Warner Bros., but no deals were in place and the project dried up.

Enter Lindelof, riding high off the stunning finale of HBO’s critical darling The Leftovers. THR reports Lindelof in talks to develop reteam with the premium streaming network to develop a new incarnation of their Watchmen series. Per the report, Snyder is no longer attached and while the project is still in the early development stages with nothing is set in stone, the plan is for Lindelof to start from scratch with his own take on the series, rather than working from their preexisting plans.


Image via Warner Bros.

For his part, Lindelof has long been a vocal fan of both the Watchmen comic book. In 2009, he did a deep-dive chat with CBR about Watchmen and how Moore’s work influenced him. “From the flashbacks to the non-linear storytelling to the deeply flawed heroes, these are all elements that I try to put into everything I write,” he said. For HBO, the Watchmen series could be a calling card in their post-Game of Thrones lineup. They’re currently home to the biggest show in the world, but GoT is set to wrap in just fifteen episodes spread out over the last two seasons and while they had a bonafide hit with last year’s Westworld, they’ve seen their fair share of struggles in recent years getting new dramas off the ground (two shows with David Fincher and the short-lived Vinyl among the wreckage).

Moore’s original 1986 12-issue series served as a deconstruction of the traditional superhero narrative, offering an alternate history set in the Nixon era when superheroes were the norm and not quite as super as their traditional counterparts. No word yet on if HBO’s adaptation would be a limited or ongoing series, or how faithfully it would adhere to the source material.

What do you guys think? Is Lindelof a good fit for the material? How fucking amazing was that Leftovers finale? Sound off in the comments.