Dan Aykroyd Says GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Could Start Filming This Winter

     May 19, 2009

ghostbusters.jpegIt’s a little hard to believe that the “Ghostbusters” franchise has been dormant for so long (it’s not like the second film was a catastrophe of “Batman & Robin” proportions) but now “Ghostbusters” has risen from the dead with a videogame debuting this summer and now Dan Aykroyd telling the LA Times that the third film in the series could start filming as soon this winter.

While some elements are still in flux (such as the plot details), Aykroyd cements some elements:

– Ivan Reitman will NOT return to direct the third film as he’s far too busy with his producing commitments.  However, Dr. Egon Spengler, Harold Ramis, could possibly direct the new installment.

– Aykroyd, Ramis, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver will all return but in a reduced capacity.  Aykroyd wisely notes, “I’d like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let’s revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let’s pass it on to a new generation.”  I couldn’t agree more.  While we all love how these actors portrayed their characters, no one wants to guys in their sixties strapping on proton packs.

Hit the jump to read who Aykroyd would like to see fill out the beige jumpsuits.

While “Year One” writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are currently working on the script, Aykroyd says he’d like to see some ladies bustin’ ghosts this time around.  Any actresses in mind? Apparently Aykroyd is a fan of Alyssa Milano (who is voicing a character in the upcoming game) and Eliza Dushku.  But I don’t think Aykroyd’s fan casting will work out.  Milano probably doesn’t skew young enough and Dushku’s “Dollhouse” obligations may get in the way even with the 13-episode season.  Also, I think there are stronger young female actresses out there who could cross the streams like nobody’s business.

Click here to hope this all doesn’t fall apart again (and that it has a good script).

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