DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio Has Exited the Company

     February 21, 2020


After 10 years of serving as DC Comics’ co-publisher, Dan DiDio has now exited the company (per The Hollywood Reporter). DC Comics has confirmed the news, but no official statement or further details have been given.

DiDio worked as publisher alongside Jim Lee starting in 2010. Before that, he worked for DC as vice president–editorial and then vice president–executive editor — while working as a writer on titles like SuperboyMetal Men, and The Outsiders along the way. DiDio also wrote a regular column called “DC Nation” which would appear at the end of each main superhero issue.


Image via Luigi Novi / CC

DiDio was instrumental in many of DC’s contemporary shifts and successes, including The New 52, a 2011 revamp of all of DC’s continuity post-Flashpoint that saw every DC title restarting at issue #1. DiDio also became a fan-favorite figure, serving as DC’s front-facing de facto spokesperson at fan events and conventions. In an era where most of “comic book success” is found in movies and TV, DiDio made sure the actual ink-and-paper (or digital) comic books had a home and focus in the business strategies of DC. With him exiting the company, Lee remains the sole publisher of DC Comics.

For more on DiDio, check out our 2019 interview with him on the future of DC Comics, alongside our interview with him and former co-publisher Lee.


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