Dan Harmon on “Steering the Bobsled” of ‘Rick and Morty,’ and the Future of Gaming

     September 5, 2017


A bold but true claim: Dan Harmon is a modern legend in the world of comedic television. His cult classic NBC TV series Community managed to bring together a horde of die-hard fans that clamored for its renewal, to the point that it was actually given a final fifth season on Yahoo! After Community, Harmon created his popular podcast, HarmonTown, which has spawned the TV series HarmonQuest, where Dan and his friends play an animated game of Dungeons and Dragons. Harmon’s most notable work to date though might be Rick and Morty, an animated series on Adult Swim that has seemingly permeated the general subconscious, and features characters that exist in a twisted Back to the Future model. You’d be hard-pressed to go almost anywhere online today and not see a reference to “PICKLE RICK!”

Harmon’s latest project is a comedic take on the world of E-Sports, Good Game, a YouTube Red original series starring the Game Grumps. He recently sat down with us to chat about the making of Good Game, along with Rick and Morty, HarmonQuest, and more (like which Marvel character he would most like to write for).