Exclusive: John Lasseter Confirms Dan Scanlon as Director of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

     March 31, 2011


Just the other day it was announced that the sequel to Pixar’s Monsters Inc. would be a prequel, titled Monsters University. Well now we have confirmation from John Lasseter that the director of the sequel will be Dan Scanlon. Scanlon was a writer on the first Cars and co-wrote and co-directed the short Mater and the Ghostlight. Lasseter confirmed to us that Scanlon will direct the film, saying:

“Yes! Dan Scanlon is directing Monsters University! We’re very excited about it. Kori Rae is producing.”

Monsters University tells the story of how best friends Mike and Sully met in college. However, their friendship didn’t start out so strong, as the two initially were not that fond of each other. The film features Billy Crystal and John Goodman returning as the primary voice talents and is set for a November 2012 release.

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