Dane DeHaan Talks CHRONICLE and John Hillcoat’s WETTEST COUNTY

     January 31, 2012

Dane DeHaan CHRONICLE and WETTEST COUNTY interview slice

Found footage films hinge on an audience participatory relationship. They’re movies that -by definition- acknowledge the verisimilitude of cinema (i.e. that a camera is filming the events seen) – but more importantly they recognize the viewer as an audience member.  It’s why found footage pics -more than any other genre- prompt vocal reactions in a theater (gasps, shrieks, jeers, talkback). Film, in general, is thought of as an immersive art; however found footage films have the opposite effect: they distance… As a result, characters within the films tend to be little more than placeholders, thin cardboard cutouts for the viewer to imbue onto. Director Josh Trank’s Chronicle (thankfully) bucks this trend. The three leads – Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell – craft three fully realized performances: DeHaan as Andrew, the outcast whose newfound superpowers give him a sense of entitlement best left undiscovered; Jordan as Steven, the wannabe politician – his unflinching coolness a mask for hidden levels of empathy; and Russell as Matt, the arrogant dick whose inability to properly harness his powers finally humble him. It’s a credit to these performances that Chronicle is able to rise above the inherent limitations of its genre.

In the following interview, star Dane DeHaan speaks about the philosophical underpinnings of his character, the rehearsal process and learning “how to fly”.  He also previews his character Cricket Pate in John Hillcoat’s forthcoming Wettest County.  To watch the interview, hit the jump. Chronicle hits theaters this Friday.

Finally, if you missed my video interview with director Josh Trank, click here.

Dane DeHaan

  • How much time did he spend researching the philosophy that his character talks about in the movie
  • Talks about Max Landis’ script
  • The arc of his character and his motivation
  • The rehearsal process and preparing for the role
  • How do they teach you to fly
  • Is it more difficult to pretend to fly or to act against his alcoholic, abusive father
  • Talks about who he plays in Wettest County and what it’s about


chronicle-movie-image Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell

chronicle-movie-image Dane DeHaan

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